HP - Mars Home Planet by Paul Twyman

by Rose Sheret


Moving to Mars

We recently took part in a competition to design and create 3d / cgi visuals for a new colony on Mars for one million humans to live in.  

Firstly, we had to consider Mars’ atmospheric conditions, air quality and suitable housing structures.  Typically, a dome is the most popular choice for many Mars structures, but is not the most practical or creative, so after careful thought and consideration we decided create a torus shaped structure to house the cities.

Energy source was our next consideration, renewable energy would always be the better way to go. Thinking about the harsh dust storms and the distance away from the sun, solar and wind energy would only be suitable in certain conditions and would require regular cleaning after storms. We finally settled on a mixture of wind, solar and Kilo Power stations to power the cities.

Water was the next big issue when it came to life on Mars, as there are no rivers or seas like on Earth. However, frozen water sits under Mars surface. Two water extraction buildings are built into the mountains which are tasked with mining, filtering and breaking down the water for human consumption and creating Hydrogen and Oxygen for breathable air within the torus. 

A space port and a train give Mars transport links to access other cities, Earth and other planets and most importantly bring in more resources and people.

Finally, we have a society suitable for one million people to live on Mars. 

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