Ecobricks / by Paul Twyman

by Rose Sheret

One of our first Ecobricks

One of our first Ecobricks

Our efforts to become an eco-friendly studio

With the term single-use named as the word of year, it got us thinking about how much plastic we use in the office and how we can reduce it to become eco-friendly.

Our first initial steps were to move the rubbish bin further away to encourage us to think about what we throw in the bin that could be recycled instead.

Secondly, we stopped using the takeaway cups from the coffee machine and water dispensers and started to use our owns mugs and glasses.

We started looking into recycling plastics and discovered Ecobrick, essentially plastic bottles filled with unrecyclable plastics until they are packed solid and are then used creatively to build walls, benches, structures and much more.

This idea is a brilliant way to get harmful plastics out of out eco-system and raise the awareness of how much plastic we are using that is non-recyclable. We have now started an Ecobrick in the office, and we are already aware of how much plastic we get through daily.


What’s next

Since creating our first Ecobrick, we are thinking about how we can go plastic free, both in the office and at home, for example buying loose fruit and veg rather than bagging them up, using loose tea leaves instead of plastic based teabags. Small and simple changes. 

We are hoping to encourage our Ecobricking with our fellow office residents in a bid to reduce the amount of plastics we are using. In the meantime, we are planning what we can do with our current Ecobrick and are looking for groups/schools who are looking for Ecobrick donations for their own projects.

Our next step for 2019 which is a big one for us, will be to make sure we source all of our electricity from renewable / green sources.

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